2014 May 15 - 11:24pm
2014 May 10 - 11:20pm

Seccagrande is a small beach town in the south west of Sicily, has a portuguese vibe and apparently a few stray dogs as seen in Costa da Caparica near Lisbon. I know it is a quite far stretch between these two locations geographically, but the light, the ocean and the friendly dogs are very much alike. Seccagrande in mid October is a ghost town. No open store, restaurant, not even a house with inhabitants is to...

2013 Nov 17 - 1:42am
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Wow is dat schön in Berlin! Überall Laub, Baustellen und 50 Shades of Grey in the sky. Gefühlt auf der Haut ist das gut, aber zum Anschauen eher suboptimal.

2013 Oct 16 - 10:52pm

You miss out on the sky in a big city unless you risk a stiff neck but even then you won't be able to see stars. I wish I had a better lens and a better digital camera to actually take a picture of the Sicilian sky as I saw in person. But for now this is all I got, you might get the idea.

2013 Oct 15 - 6:04pm

Stralsund Hafen in 24 Stunden: Ganz nach deutscher Manier lässt man uns nicht vor 15:30 Uhr ins Hotel, dieses nach einer kurzen Nacht wegen Spätdienst lässt die Laune fast auf 0 sinken. Hafenrundfahrt auf einem Dampfer, welcher statisch über das Wasser gleitet wie Raumschiff Enterprise in der Schwerelosigkeit, selbst der empfindlichste Rentner erleidet beim Biertrinken keine Seekrankheit. Es war mitunter das...

2013 Sep 25 - 10:54pm

Beautiful Harz in Germany reminds me of Tillamook in Oregon less the ocean near by, instead mountains. Mostly tiny cities along less travelled roads, abandoned motels and restaurants, this city of Sieber counts around 250 inhabitants as of this year. Summertime and the rain falls steady, lush and green as can be. Hike up to the Great Knoll and enjoy the best pea soup in the world!

2013 Sep 20 - 12:45pm

Auf einen Sprung in Hamburg, Fischbrötchenkultur geniessen, den Hafen riechen, Bier an der Alster, Dave-Gahan-Moves in der O2-World, Hafen ansehen von oben bei Nacht, bis man nicht mehr kann.

2013 Sep 4 - 10:07am